Traditional Indonesian Batik Shirt with Football Clubs Logo

Football Batik Shirt – Sulam Tangan Brand

Introducing new Traditional Indonesian Batik Shirt, designed in combination of traditional Indonesian batik patterns and international football clubs logo, such as:

– FC Barcelona,
– Machester United,
– Real Madrid,
– AC Milan,
– Internazionale,
– Liverpool,
– Arsenal,
– Chelsea,
– Manchester City,
– Juventus, etc.

It’s very unique. Suitable to be weared at all occasions, formal or non formal. It’s very casual and comfortable. Made by professional batik makers with fine fabrics and finishing. Available in all sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL. Grab it fast!

For purchase & order, please contact:
– blackberry pin: 234fabe8
– phone#: +6283871388359
– email address:
– twitter: @just_bowo
– ym id: moccamania


Manchester United


Real Madrid

AC Milan

AC Milan (new)



Manchester City




Some stars wearing batik Sulam Tangan

All Clubs


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